Artist Statement’s


My artwork is my voice of worship, praise, and prayer from me to my Creator-God.  I paint to express my emotions and heart, whether it is simply expressing joy through my abstract work, or thankfulness through a representative work that rejoices in God’s wonderful creation.  Art becomes an expression of my soul to God, and like prayer and worship; something that I can share with others.  Just as God looked on all that He had made, and took pleasure in his creative work, I also take pleasure in being creative.  Inspiration for my art comes from the Holy Spirit and the new life he has given me and externally in admiration of Creation.
Through the creative process, I have found joy using various styles and mediums. This allows me the freedom to express emotions to God.  Praise, grief, thankfulness, sorrow, hope, joy, wonder, excitement, and love are expressed visually through art. God has also given me the thrill of sharing this creative spirit with others.  In doing so, I am able to give God praise and adoration that encourages others to allow the Holy Spirit to use their gifts for his glory and purposes. I rejoice in all that my Creator-God has done, is doing, and will do in my life through the gift of art. 


Daryl R. Lamb is a Cherokee Village, Arkansas artist most widely recognized for his portraits in oil reminiscent of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Self-taught, his love of art prompted him to learn portraiture. His goal is to capture the subject’s personality, revealing insight into the person's deepest confidence, where the viewer is allowed inside. He has many commissioned portraits in private collections, most being life celebration tributes. He believes that a commissioned portrait of a loved one is more than simply a painting, but an heirloom of ancestry and heritage. He is currently planning a work of a scene with seven models, where a pivotal historical moment is being enacted. John Singer Sargent and George Bellows are two favorite artists. He is a world traveler, and has many memories to go with it.