About Daryl & Vicki Lamb

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I have actively painted it watercolor and acrylic since age fifteen.  Interestingly, I won my first award during a Latin Convention in my high school years placing second for an ink drawing—which inspired me to keep pursuing art— at first as a hobby and now as a full time artist.  Along this journey I have had life experiences that have helped solidify my passion and supported my artistic growth.  One of those blessings is to have traveled the world with my military husband (Air Force).  I spent four years in Germany- not only collecting photo resources- but also giving birth to my two sons, being a stay-at- home mom.  During that time, My husband and I toured castles,  German cities and Museums in Luxembourg and France (including the Musée du Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris). 

All the while, I continued painting and began selling my artwork to my friends, both American and German and enter contests on our Air base.  I entered a military-sponsored contest on the military base in Germany, placing first place for a watercolor of my grandfather. This painting was then sent to compete in the US Air Forces-European division art contest (held in England), where it placed third.

I continued to grow through self-study, but I sensed I had hit a roadblock in my creative endeavors; thus, I entered college at Dallas Baptist University in 2008, as an adult student to continue my education. I completed my BAS in December of 2010 with a Concentration in Art.  After graduating I began substitute teaching, but quickly moved into working in Framing at a local frame shop.  There I began a seven year career that taught me valuable lessons in presentation of Art and preservation of Art.  In 2014 I returned to DBU and by 2016 completed a MA with a concentration in Painting.  It was this training that has enabled me to work in various mediums, from watercolor, acrylic, and oils; along with being able to use charcoal and pastels for fine art drawings; and other interesting materials for mixed media works! 

My husband and I moved to Cherokee Village, Arkansas in November of 2017,  Ever since we arrived, we have immersed ourselves into the local and extended art culture, joining the ACNA, where my art is displayed, and displaying art in the Artisan Shop in downtown Hardy.  I have joined other local artists in entering juried shows at the Harlin Museum in West Plains, Missouri.  I received awards in both Spring 2018 and 2019 Harlin Museum shows, and will be having a joint show in October there with another local artist and friend.  

I work currently in all mediums: watercolor, Acrylic and Oils, mixed media, pastels and encaustics.  I find so much joy working in the various mediums and feel like it keeps me growing as an artist.  I also enjoy painting everything from landscapes, portraits, to abstraction- but find I am more of an impressionist and abstractionist while interpreting landscapes, florals and other subjects in my own style. 


Daryl R. Lamb has been drawing since childhood. An early drawing of his uncle was returned to him after the uncle’s death, but Star Wars characters were his most frequent subject. He fondly remembers being taught papier mache and linoleum block printing in elementary art class, encouraging his creativity and sense of wonder. As a young adult, he would draw from Civil War magazines, copying the scenes in pencil. He was encouraged by his wife to try painting, so he began copying various master works. Among them: “Alice Vanderbilt Shepard” – John Singer Sargent 1888, “Leisure Time” – Everett Millais 1864, “The Descent From The Cross” – Jean Jouvenet 1697, and Rembrandt van Rijn’s “Bust of a Laughing Man in a Gorget”, 1627-28. He was stationed in Germany in the 90’s, where he and his wife were able to visit the Louvre and the d’Orsay Museums in Paris. While stationed in Germany, he traveled to Luxembourg, Denmark, and Italy, witnessing the European landscapes and museums..

When he moved to Fort Worth, Texas, he would visit the Sargent painting frequently. During this time, he had continued to draw, but mostly caricatures, and cartoon characters.
He was approached by a friend to paint a picture of her late mother. The 8x10 portrait was a simple, but vibrant rendition of her mother, but she was thankful, stating that he had captured her mother so clearly, though he had never met her. Shortly afterwards, a woman had seen the painting in her home and asked if she would contact Daryl to do a painting of her own late mother. The result was a breakthrough for Daryl. He applied his own method and style, instead of a copied style. The subject’s expression caused him to adore the painting, reluctant to release it. However, in a twist of outcomes, the painting was rejected by the patron. Cutting ties with the patron, now keeps the painting in his private collection.
He realized that he preferred painting people, and so began applying his own techniques and those developed from copying to portraits in his own style; primarily requests for memorial paintings.
Daryl received an Honorable Mention with his Self-Portrait entry in the Hardy Gallery’s Fall 2018 show and  just completed his first portrait class for the Hardy Gallery.
He has many commissioned paintings in private collections throughout the United States.
He currently has work on display in the Sharp County Courthouse. Ash Flat, Arkansas, and the ACNA Gallery in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.